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Our Mission

To transform healthcare organizations by creating lasting improvement in patient care through the development of a quality driven culture that will allow these organizations to sustain the lean initiative independently.


It is imperative that Lean be implemented strategically rather than tactically. Lean Hospitals' consultants will work closely with senior management to review the hospital's strategic plan and identify the value streams consistent with the organization's strategic goals. A work plan is developed for the fulfillment of these goals and through the utilization of Strategy Deployment Sessions (SDS) the plan is filtered down through the organization.

The overall objective of the SDS is to create both vertical and horizontal alignment of the strategic plan throughout the organization. This is the first step toward eliminating departmental barriers.

The SDS consists of a series of meetings specifically designed to provide efficient and effective outcomes. More specifically, the SDS provides each individual with a specific set of goals and metrics for which they will be held accountable.



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